vista insider

If you’ve found this page, you’ve probably received a special invitation to join our VISTA Insider Program. We create this membership program just for people like you who are proactive about their wellness and skincare.

The VISTA Insider Program (VIP) is something we’ve wanted to have from the very first day The VISTA opened in 2019. We wanted to offer some special perks to our most frequent and loyal customers. There’s so much happening in the aesthetics industry and we love having a group of people who get as excited as we do about new products, treatments and procedures. 

We also wanted to make our VIP a great value. And we have. If you are someone who loves to have a DiamondGlow treatment every month, the savings you’ll receive with the VIP will pay for the entire program!

We’re going to keep expanding this page as our program grows so you can see all of the special events, savings, etc. So stay tuned! We’re just getting started!